» Daft Punk spelled backwards is Knup Tfad, which is both hard to pronounce and of no significance whatsoever.


This dog is about to impart some sick-ass wisdom while still maintaining street cred.



it is time.

soon the era of pumpkin will fall and the northern winds whisper

peppermint everything

Okay but in Big Hero Six why doesn’t Honey Lemon tie her hair up while working in the lab that is basically like safety rule number one: long hair should be tied up to avoid getting caught on anything or set on fire.

» On racism in Australia


Please stop perpetuating this myth and false equivalency that because Australia is a multicultural country, racism is apparently non-existent. This is absolutely not the case. By saying this, you are erasing and silencing the voices and experiences of those who suffer from very real racial discrimination in Australia. Listen to PoC when they talk about how deeply rooted racism is in this country. Wake up and start taking in the facts.

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Formed shortly after the Kalmar Union in protest against Durmstrang’s growing acceptance of the Dark Arts, the Scandinavian Academy for Sorcery Studies is situated in an undetectable location in Hinnøya for students predominantly from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (and occasionally Finland, Iceland, and the Faroe Islands on account of their historical associations with the region) whose parents preferred for them to be educated in a more sympathetic environment. There is a large heated bubble on the outskirts of campus created for astronomy studies (by far the most popular academic stream at the school) where students can observe the night sky with an unobstructed view. A particular branch of divination correlating to celestial patterns and the movement of stars is studied intensively, and students occupy a large portion of their time speculating various outcomes of the alignment of stars and planets (overheard in the halls: “If Venus and Jupiter had been two degrees closer, I guarantee you I would have found that rogue troll already. The planets have not been helpful lately.”).



I’m so emo it made me dislocate my knee.

I shit you not I am at the doctors right now because last week I dislocated my knee at school and my doctor told me it happened because my black skinny jeans were so tight that it put pressure on my knee cap causing it to pop out when I sat down

This wasn’t suppose to get notes

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New rule: don’t use the Latin word “cum” in place of “with” in English unless it’s part of a set phrase, or you have a really good reason.

Yes I’m talking to you, Slate.